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Welcome to POLIN

1000 powodów do opowiadania Miałem tysiące powodów by tu przyjść
1000 powodów do opowiadania

There are thousands of reasons to visit POLIN Museum
and share your story. What are your reasons?

From all over the world

Some of them have travelled thousands of kilometers in order to visit the Museum. What drives them? What are their reasons?

And their opinions


Everyone has his own reason for visiting the Museum. Write it down on one of the special cards available at the exit from the exhibition. What was important to you? What made you come here? What did the visit mean to you?

For you

What is your reason to visit POLIN Museum?

You haven’t  visited the Museum yet, but you want to come. What brings you here? Family history? Interest in scholarship and culture? Or perhaps simply curiosity? Every reason is equally important for us. Tell us yours:


Come visit POLIN

Feel free to visit us whenever you wish!

Plan your visit

Find a convenient date to discover the Museum.
We look forward to welcoming you and your story.

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Click on the photo to see the card.


Pick a card that you find moving, interesting and inspiring.



Thousands of people have visited POLIN Museum. Many left a card on which they wrote down their reasons for coming here. Some reasons are moving and beautiful, some–surprising or amusing. Yet they always make you pause and reflect.

We would like those reasons to acquire an artistic form. And that is a task for you! Pick a card that  you find moving, interesting and inspiring  and present it in the form of a drawing, film or photo.

There are three prizes in the contest: for the first place -  3 500 PLN prize, for the second place – 2 000 PLN prize, for the third place – 1 000 PLN prize and 17 additional prizes - vouchers to POLIN Museum with the value of 1 000 PLN. Moreover, all awarded pictures will be exhibited at the POLIN Museum.


Upload your interpretation as a film, graphic or a photo until the 1st December 2015.


  • How to get started?
  • 1.

    Look at the reasons on

  • 2.

    Pick the one you like and click "contest"

  • 3.

    Upload your interpretation in the form of a video, visual art or photo